Frequently Asked Questions

Difficult Audio refers to audio that is much more difficult and time consuming to transcribe.

In order for our transcribers to produce accurate and timely transcripts, your audio/video files must meet our basic standards (non-difficult audio requirements):

  • Limited background noise
  • Sufficient volume
  • No heavy accents
  • No specialized language (medical, legal, scientific, etc.)

If your audio is lacking in one or more of the above categories, it is most likely difficult. Unfortunately, we cannot offer our money-back guarantee for Difficult Audio files. We will still transcribe your files, but there is a possibility it might take longer to deliver than the advertised turnaround time.

Focus groups and conference phone calls are usually Difficult Audio. Multiple speakers talking over each other often is almost always Difficult Audio as well.

If we find any audio too difficult to transcribe, we will notify you and refund your order minus our costs for work already performed.

All our standard transcriptions are non-verbatim.

Non-verbatim more specifically means we will remove words such as "uh," "er," "um," and so on. We will also remove most filler words or phrases such as "like," "you know," and "I mean," depending on the context. Redundancies and/or false starts are usually also omitted.

Our goal is to produce easily readable and accurate transcripts.

Click here to view an excerpt from a transcript.

We will accept audio/video files with a large numbers of speakers, but consequently set lower standards on speaker identification and transcript quality. This is especially true if the speakers tend to talk over one another.

We prefer audio/video files with four (4) or less unique speakers.

Payment is made through PayPal.

You do not need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.

PayPal accepts debit and credit cards without requiring a PayPal account, just click Pay with Debit or Credit Card on the PayPal checkout screen.

When we receive your payment, we will start working on your order.

We offer a money-back guarantee on all our transcript services if your transcripts are not delivered by the advertised turnaround date. Your audio/video files must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the guarantee.

For more information please visit our Terms of

Timestamps are used to show the exact time of the audio you are at in the transcript.

If timestamps are requested, they will be inserted every time a speaker changes. In the case of a speaker talking for a long time, timestamps may be placed within the paragraphs every few minutes.

Timestamps are formatted as follows: [HH:MM:SS] where H = hours, M = minutes, and S = seconds.

For example:

[1:02:49] John Doe: This is a timestamp example!

We accept the following audio/video file formats:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • WMV
  • WMA
  • M4A
  • MPG
  • MPEG
  • FLV
  • OGG
  • RA
  • QTFF
  • AAC
  • AAC3
  • WAV

If you have audio files with different extensions that you would like transcribed please e-mail us, as we can accommodate almost all file extensions if needed.

NOTE: There is free software available to convert most file types to any of these file extensions.

Price per minute (of the audio/video file) is generally the best deal for the customer and the standard in the industry. This lets you know from the very start exactly what your total cost will be, and avoids any chance of overcharging for hours not worked, number of pages, number of lines, or number of words in your transcript.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal and also from with your order details. Your transcript will be sent via e-mail to that same e-mail address when finished. If you have any questions regarding your order please contact us!

* Some e-mail providers may mark this as spam.

All transcripts are e-mailed to the e-mail address that you have provided during checkout.

The default file type is .DOC unless otherwise specified by the customer in the Order Comments box during payment.

We can also provide these common file types if requested:

  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • TXT

Our customer support is done through email. Generally all e-mail inquiries are responded to within the work day.

No, unfortunately we are not able to guarantee confidentiality at this time on our standard services, however all our transcribers and editors understand that all work is confidential.

If you need guaranteed confidentiality, please contact us.

There are several things that may influence the turnaround time of your transcripts. Two key factors in turnaround time are audio quality and length.

If the audio has background noise, multiple speakers, or speakers with heavy accents, it will take longer to transcribe than a crisp, clear audio file.

You can cancel your order at any time and we will refund you fully minus the cost of the work already performed.