Example Transcript

Interviewer: OK. Let's start off with you first telling me your names and where you are currently living.

Sydney: My name is Sydney, and my daughter’s name is Aubrey, and we live in Denver, Colorado.

Interviewer: Let’s start from the beginning. Tell me about the pregnancy with Aubrey; was it generally a normal one, or was there something off, or what was going on there?

Sydney: Right, completely normal pregnancy. I actually was not very sick at all with her, and up until about two weeks before she was born everything was going smoothly, and then about two weeks before I realized that she hadn’t gained weight for a couple weeks. I hadn’t gained weight for a couple weeks, and I was concerned, so I brought it to the doctor’s attention, and they did an ultrasound. They assured me that the baby looked like it was fine, and growing, and I should be OK. That was on a Wednesday, and then I went into labor on Friday, so mom’s intuition.

Interviewer: When you found out about the complications that could be there--one of those being hearing loss as a possibility--what went through your mind at that point?

Sydney: Initially they didn’t really explain what could potentially happen down the road, but once we realized hearing loss was part of it, it was like OK, that’s a possibility, but the doctor said you probably won’t know for sure how this virus affects her until she’s about two years old. So, it’s hard when you get that kind of a diagnosis. It’s like well she may be fine, but she may have a lot of developmental issues; she may have hearing loss, she may have vision issues, but we won’t know, we’ll just kind of have to wait and see. It was overwhelming to think of that responsibility that we had to ensure that we were staying on top of it.

Interviewer: When she came out you had a test, a hearing test, I guess it’s a...

Sydney: Newborn hearing screening.

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